I am rebuilding my website for the 284th time. It may seem like I never touch my own website, but the truth is, since the last time I updated my public site, I made like 5 different websites that never saw the light of day.

The trouble I run into is that I (a) get too busy to finish my site, and/or (b) find the task of filling my site with meaningful content to be too daunting to complete, and/or (c) get bored with the design and want to start all over. I get bored easily.

The solution, I hope, is this new site! Which I’ll be building in very tiny increments. The site is being powered by the static site generator platform, Jekyll. No CMS to deal with, do database, no hosting really even. I’m keeping everything inside GitHub Pages.

The content will be thrown up here whenever I feel like writing. I hope to grow a large library of helpful code snippets that I often share with colleagues I’m trying to assist. I want to write a bunch of articles about coffee. I want to feature some of the super cool clients I’ve had since I started freelancing. But, we’ll see.

The design, today, is the default theme that comes with Jekyll. It doesn’t look bad, right? So I will build on top of it. Or maybe I’ll reinvent it every couple days. I don’t really know, I just want to finally refresh my 3 year old landing page that I built primarily to introduce myself to potential employers when I was going on a bipolar episode-fueled job hunt. It’s time for a change.

So welcome to my new brain-dumping ground. Let’s hope something useful comes of it.