Who I am

I’m Paul Houser, my website address is https://plaidpowered.com, and these policies are in place to protect your privacy.

What personal data I collect and why I collect it


Plaidpowered.com does not store any cookies in your browser, however our DNS service, Cloudflare, does store an anonymous cookie to improve the security of their service. You can read more about it on CloudFlare’s FAQ.


I do not track usage of this website at all, and no technologies are installed to do so.

How long I retain your data

I do not retain any data about you for any length of time.

What rights you have over your data

Your data is yours, and I didn’t ask for it, so I will not take it. You have exclusive rights to your data.

Where I send your data

I do not send your information to anyone. I don’t have anything to send.

How I protect your data

I protect your data by not collecting any of it, there’s nothing for me to protect. Sure makes my life easier!